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Roland possesses an extensive and diverse background in the security industry and adult vocational education and training (AVE&T) sectors in Australia, amassing over 15 years of valuable experience. Throughout his career, Roland has contributed his expertise to renowned private security providers, assuming supervisory and managerial roles. In recent years, his focus has shifted towards developing and overseeing work-based learning (WBL) strategies for large security teams and government organisations, showcasing his ability to drive effective training initiatives.

A graduate of Charles Sturt University (CSU), Roland holds a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy) (BAdult&VocEdLLN). This educational milestone has significantly fortified his knowledge and practical understanding of AVE&T, as well as competency-based training (CBT) and assessment practices. Roland’s educational background further highlights his commitment to continuous learning and professional development, enabling him to stay abreast of industry advancements and best practices.

Roland’s professional journey has encompassed working across both private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and the public Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Commission. In these roles, he has served as a Trainer/Assessor and Teacher, utilising his comprehensive skill set to deliver high-quality instruction and facilitate effective learning experiences. It is worth noting that Roland is currently pursuing advanced studies at the Master’s level, with the intention of eventually attaining a doctoral degree. This commitment showcases his dedication to expanding his qualifications and remaining abreast of the latest industry standards.

Through his combined experiences in the security industry and AVE&T sectors, Roland has honed his leadership abilities, gained invaluable practical insights, and developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of training and assessment methodologies. His proficiency in managing security teams, implementing WBL strategies, and delivering impactful training programs positions him as a highly competent professional in both security management and adult vocational education and training broadly.

Contact: roland@skillsecgroup.com

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