Technical & Protective Services

Investigations, Risk Management, Training, & Consulting

Our risk managers and licensed (2A) consultants can advise you regarding security services and implement tailored strategies to mitigate your business risk and exposure. Our licensed private investigators (2E) are able to carry out investigation and/or surveillance activities in NSW. Our (2D) security trainers are able to train, instruct, and assess in numerous security areas. 

Alarms & Security Equipment

Our technicians (2B & 2C) are licensed to provide alarm and other security system services.

Static Guarding, Mobile Patrol, & Loss Prevention

Our (1A) unarmed guards can mitigate your risk exposure. Our operatives can be in uniform or plain clothes. 

Crowd Control

Our licensed (1C) crowd control services can be tailored to small and medium-sized events, private functions and outdoor entertainment events.

Specialist Guarding (Specialist Critical Infrastructure Security)

We can tailor our services to suit all client needs, to minimise your exposure to risk. Examples of critical infrastructure sites include electricity, government sites, communications, data storage or processing, financial services and markets, water, health care and medical, higher education and research, and food.


Our licensed (1B) bodyguards can perform services ranging from discreet close personal protection (CPP) to overt/uniformed bodyguard services.

Dog Handling

Our (1D) dog handlers and the K-9 division are able to provide high-profile services to a range of clients, including for armed robbery prevention.

In the medium to long term, our goal is to establish an RTO under the business group, to propagate our services further as leaders in this market. 

We provide security services in NSW. The group has recently expanded into providing RTO consultancy services in NSW.

  • Our mission is to provide a unique training service to already established professionals and new entrants working across the allied health, security, management, leadership, training, and business sectors.
  • Our vision is to provide trusted educational consultancy and training partnership services in the adult VET sector.


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